Services Provided


Individual Psychotherapy: The process of meeting with a therapist to address and resolve behaviors, beliefs, and feelings that are troubling or causing problems for us. The most important aspect of psychotherapy and what is most predictive of its success is the quality of the connection between the client and the therapist.

Family Therapy: During therapy sessions, the family’s strengths are used to help them handle the difficulties they are experiencing. All members take some responsibility. Family therapy is a very active type of therapy, and family members are often given assignments. For example, parents may be asked to delegate more responsibilities to their children.

Group Therapy: Most humans exist and function in groups, whether it is in a family, at school, at work, or at play. It is critical to know how to function well in a group. In a therapeutic peer group, children can obtain feedback from the peer group members, become more aware of behaviors that could be interfering with their interactions, and adopt more appropriate behaviors—all in a safe and supportive environment.

Psychological Evaluations: Evaluations focus on emotional and/or academic concerns and provide clinicians and families with functional or diagnostic information about an individual’s functioning. The evaluator uses a combination of interviews, paper-pencil questionnaires, and psychological tests (such as an IQ test or an inkblot test) to develop an appropriate diagnosis that then guides a treatment plan and recommendations.  Please note that Dr. Valdés does not evaluate for forensic purposes, i.e., custody, immigration, or court related evaluations. 


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