Community Outreach


Education and early intervention are our most effective protection from mental health problems. As part of our commitment to give back to the community, we offer high quality educational presentations on various mental health topics. These are at no charge to your organization and are available in English or Spanish.

Some of topics we have recently presented are listed below. You can also request a topic of your own.

Academic Transitions and the Student with ADHD

Anxiety and Depression in School Age Children (for parents)

Recognizing Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom (for teachers)

Autistic Spectrum Disorders in School Age Children

Bullying and the Special Needs Child

Bullying:  Information for parents

Problem Behavior: Identifying when a child needs professional help

Sleep Hygiene

Stages of Child Development

Stress Management

Stress Management for Parents

Anxiety and the Gifted Child

Social Media and Addiction:  Taking Control

Supporting our Gifted Children While Promoting Independence

Most Recent Presentation

Social Media Addiction: Taking Control (2/6/18; please be aware this takes a bit of time to load)